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Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores have been making uniquely rewarding music for over 15 years. They are one of the great uncategorizable, creative ensembles of our time, crafting a music that is distinctly theirs alone.

"They offer experimental future folk with elements of real dirt and sweat -- and a touch of mania. Highly recommended" – All Music Guide



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RUNE 344

"[a] swirling, psychedelic, gypsy-tinged art-rock masterpiece..." – New York Music Daily

Many buzzwords have been used to describe the band’s playing and Redfearn’s composing and arranging, but they all fall short of conveying the dark beauty of the music and lyrics. Sister Death explores the mysteries of life, death, love, loss, creation and destruction, subjects that have informed Redfearn’s songwriting since the early 90s. It is their 7th album, their most widely approachable release and features striking artwork and photographs!

The group's unmistakable sound is the result of Alec's songs, which have poignant melodies and lyrics filled with doom-laden imagery. These songs are performed by a band who use unusual instrumentation (male and female vocals, accordion, double bass, French horn, organ, drums, percussion, electronics + many musical guests) in interesting and creative ways. The music touches on elements of Americana, folk, European cabaret, minimalism, noise, and progressive rock, but it ultimately transcends all categories except for 'excellence'.

"I spent about 6 years writing for this record. I've trashed dozens of tunes along the way. This record is probably the most accessible of our releases so far. I spent a lot of time obsessing over kraut-rock, space rock and psychedelic rock in the past few years, so that influence is bound to be felt. I've tried to move away from the Eastern European/Gypsy sound...we've always tried to change things up as we went. Probably the biggest change in our sound is the addition of Orion on the Acetone Top 5 organ and vocals. These latest songs have been built around the keyboard and accordion, but it still sounds like us. Some things simply don't change. My melodic obsessions and idiosyncrasies remain imbedded in the music, and I suppose they always will be." – Alec K. Redfearn

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RUNE 244

"...constructed from a diverse and unfashionable set of instruments, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores are as bizarre as they appealing. This is wonderful stuff -- brave and experimental, yet warmly human. Make room on your folk revival shelf for something that may be influenced by folk, but is in no way a revival." – Splended

This marvelous large ensemble from Providence, Rhode Island has been in existence for a decade now, bringing their very original music to audiences in the US and Europe. The Blind Spot is their 6th release and their second for Cuneiform and it's also surprisingly different from The Quiet Room. It includes a few shorter songs but the main focus of the album is a very ambitious work entitled "I am the Resurrection and the Light", which is a song cycle for a large ensemble featuring a number of different players: appearing are accordion, violin, viola, French horn, guitar, alto sax, bassoon, contrabass, drums, 'loops, processing and other eletronic mayhem' and layers and layers of vocals from up to 4 vocalists (Alec and 3 female voices). This song cycle is a eulogy and meditation about drug addiction and death from drug addiction and related causes. A compelling, powerful, demanding and ultimately beautiful and moving work. No one else sounds like The Eyesores and with this album, no one combines such purity of vocal and instrumental work with such a sense of impending uneasiness (and I mean this as the highest compliment!).

"...charmingly inventive" –

"...a delight." – Copper Press

"The Blind Spot (is) an ambitious song cycle that incorporates choral arrangements and a soprano vocalist, lending a true requiem-like feel to this meditation on loss and addiction. Redfearn is in top form here, directing the magic collision of spiralling waltzes with the drone of a specially built hurdy-gurdy. Despite the dark theme, the music is still exquisitely pretty, with segues between songs as integral as the compositions themselves. Artful yet entirely genuine, this is the most accomplished Eyesores record to date." – Exclaim!

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RUNE 204

"The Eyesores are an accordion-driven, gypsy cursed band that specialize in funeral marches and hypno-drone trance music, among other, equally odd things. The Eyesores are bad ass motherfuckers in an entirely new way. Recommended." – The Noise

The Quiet Room is a little bit different and also rather special. A huge nine-piece band (accordion/vocals, guitar, French horn, violin, electronics, alto sax, string bass/vocals, drums and percussion), they combine a gigantic array of influences, such as acid folk, maverick 20th century Americana (Tom Waits, Charles Ives, John Cage, Harry Partch), Eastern European folk music, noise/drone rock, cyclical minimalism (Terry Riley, Philip Glass), cabaret and theater music and more. To my ears, this band is simultaneously drawing from the 'primitive' and 'avant-garde' esthetic, and blending together this huge range of styles into a distinctive, wholely charming sound; at any given moment, you can't tell if you will be hearing the influences of 1920's Appalachia, as filtered through a modern rock band, or post math-rock rendered by acoustic instruments. There are not a lot of vocals, but what vocals there are are nicely sung and feature a wry wit. Always evolving and ever elusive, The Eyesores have consistently left their audiences equally enthralled and confused; the tradition continues here! A quiet stunner!

"This massive musical untaking is a complex mix of psychedelic folk, prog rock, old-time, acid cabaret, dark circus music, and sinister dream fragments that haunt in recurring motifs." – Dream

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The Quiet Room press quotes

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