Jean-Louis Boutin • Volodia Brice • Laurent Chalef • Frédéric L'Epée • Bernard Ros


philharmonieAfter 10 years of work, Philharmonie disbanded in October 1997. They had written & rehearsed all the material for a new release, & once we heard the rough demos, we suggested that they record The Last Word. The music features the amazing, instantly recognizable string interplay that all their albums feature, with the performances generally slanted towards the heavier sound of their previous CD, Rage. A great record that gives their many fans a chance to say a final farewell to the band.

"...a very fresh & different twist on the borderline King Crimson/Rock In Opposition genre" - Audion


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Rage is by far the most aggressive purely "rock" release yet from a band that Guitar Player called "technically remarkable", and should appeal greatly to fans of King Crimson multi-textural progressive rock.

"...a trio of top-flight guitarists with a sharp sense of melody and impeccable stylistic influences"- i/e

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"Conceptually, it suggests what an inspired meeting of Steve Reich and King Crimson might sound like...masterfully weaving together lush melodies, minimalist tendencies and heavy rock overtones." – Innerviews

"Technically remarkable..." – Guitar Player

We consider Philharmonie to be one of Cuneiform's great discoveries of the 1990s! They started their life as a guitar trio, led by Frédéric L'Epée, formerly of the 70s progressive rock favorites Shylock. They released two albums as a guitar trio (one on their own and one on Cuneiform) featuring tight, well-written, obviously very Fripp-influenced, pointillistic compositions, performed by 3 total guitar masters. For this, their 2nd Cuneiform release, they added a drummer with an excellent, light touch, who gives them an even broader array of musical color. This has been out of print and unavailable for some time and we recently found some, so here's your chance to get one of our great, early titles once more...

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Les Elephants Carillonneurs [The Elephant Bell Ringers] features tight, well-written, pointillistic compositions, performed by 3 guitar masters. Very rich and very "progressive" too, with lots of Fripp-ish fuzz lead lines snaking about.

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