Dirk Bruinsma • Päd Concaa


Otolithen was formed as a duo in 1993 by Päd Conca of Switzerland and Dirk Bruinsma [Blast] of The Netherlands. Within the duo, Conca plays electric bass, home-built string instrument, effects and foot triggered percussion, and Bruinsma plays electric guitars, soprano sax, foot triggered percussion and vocals. Bruinsma and Conca describe their goals in Otolithen as "trying to go for the extremes of what you can do with just a duo." As part of their attempt to push the format's boundaries, their compositions explore the possibilities of playing simultaneously with both hands and feet. With their feet producing the rhythms by triggering percussion samples, their four feet act as Otolithen's drummer, greatly expanding the range of music that a duo can perform. Difficult, composed, sophisticated music that is reminiscent of Skeleton Crew [due to the line-up] performing the songbooks of Tim Hodgkinson or U Totem [due to the complexity of ideas presented here.]

Dirk and Päd are also members of Blast

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