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Boud Deun is a band that just get markedly better as time goes on, & their releases go from strength to strength. The Stolen Bicycle, their 2nd Cuneiform release, is simply their best yet. The playing is as sharp & superb as ever, while the compositions [which includes their 38 minute/16 part "Churches"] are ever-more notable and intriguing. I don't want to be accused of over-loading the hype machine, but without any prompting, I have heard them called the best band in America many times, & it's kinda hard to to say much beyond that.

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Not since Happy Family's debut has a 1st release on Cuneiform been so eagerly anticipated. Boud Deun are a frankly amazing D.C. area quartet of guitar, violin, bass & drums. Why amazing? Because they play intelligent, undefinable, sometimes unbelievably fast paced progressive/fusion music & they gig constantly up & down the East Coast, which is pratically unheard of! All this performing has made them into one of the tightest bands you could ever hope for; these guys can stop & start on a match-head. With interesting compositions, terrific group dynamics & great playing from all members.

"Anything this excellent is hard to review without being reduced to giggles & a sheer state of awe. Yes it's that good...1997's top release" - Exposé

"I have played it repeatedly...Brilliant. Although it's very easy to say this right now, I believe this will hold up as one of the best releases of this year." - Mike Taylor, editor, Gibraltar

"This progressive rock, jazz, fusion beauty is ASTONISHING! Do not let this ballistic treat slip through your fingers." - Fantastic Voyage System

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