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"An evolving local group with a cacophonous yet catchy approach..." – The New Yorker

“Afuche’s palpable onstage energy is key to the unique corner the band has carved for itself in the ever-saturated Brooklyn music scene.” – Jezebel Music




RUNE 324

"This record is presented by the label as post-rock/avant-progressive/math-rock. Funny. A few years ago, it would have been simply introduced as another future classic discovered by Cuneiform. This album is the most Cuneiform-like release on Cuneiform in quite a while. (editor's note: wtf?) Complex prog rock crossed with experimental approaches, in a vein similar to Miriodor, PFS, Happy Fmaily, Forever Einstein, Boom, Chainsaw Jazz and the likes. Powerfull, demanding, but also funny and hook-laden. I like I like I like. This is this Brooklyn-based quintet’s third album but their first on Cuneiform." –

Based out of Brooklyn, NY and creating a group sound that is truly their own, Afuche is a band that needs to be heard by lovers of adventurous, modern progressive music! Formed by Ruben Sindo Acosta & Zach Ryalls in 2008, they have been adding to the ensemble and evolving their sound by writing, performing, and touring non-stop – it was at one of their many shows where we found them and watched their continued development with keen interest.

Afuche is a 5 piece band featuring Ruben on keyboard, vocals and percussion, Zach on guitar, Denny Tek on bass, Andrew Carrico on baritone sax and Max Jaffe on drums. Taking their cues from Can, The Dirty Projectors, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, James Brown, Tortoise, as well as African and Afro-Cuban music, they take these musical influences as a base and apply their own group sound to it and bend it all into a hybrid, original and very progressive contemporary rock music that is interestingly complex without losing its inviting quality; most of all Afuche is a lot of fun.

Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match is a showcase of a group whose sound is more than the sum of its parts. Recorded mainly live in the studio with minimal textural overdubs in one day, it is Afuche presenting their work with just as you would experience it at one of their lively and exciting shows. The fearless intensity and the strong group dynamic in the playing - extremely notable in such a young band - pours through the speakers; their sound is catchy and mesmerizing and will have you moving in ways you never thought possible.

Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match press release

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Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match press release

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