A reissue of ECM guitar-star Steve's long unavailable 1st lp from 1977. Recorded at home using just multiple guitars, synth, and tape effects/ processing, this achieves an unholy mix of finger-style guitar Americana with the psychedelic spirit and effects of Jimi Hendrix. Carefully mastered from the original master tape, Steve says that the sound is better than he even hoped was possible.

"This 1977 debut release laid the groundwork for Tibbetts' extraordinary ECM albums; stunning 12 string chops, eccentric, fascinating tape effects and a consistent sense of spiritual dimension." – Guitar Player

"At once his most accessible work and also very experimental, Tibbetts' first album was released independently in 1976.... He began recording it while an art student at Macalaster College in Minnesota in the electronic music studio of the school on a four-track recorder. Still working on the album when he graduated, he ended up finishing it clandestinely late at night by sneaking into the school. The resulting album of totally self realized songs is great fun to listen to, as he used the studio as an instrument, mixing tape loops and effects with impressionistic acoustic guitar playing. Even at this young age, he's equally at home with finger style guitar, psychedelic and world musics, and the soundscapes he creates are both introspective and adventurous. Highly recommended." – All Music

You can read the greatest press-release we will ever do, which was written by Steve himself, right here

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