Jon Beck • Randy Coleman • Greg Conway • Dave Kerman • Udi Koomran • Sanjay Kumar • Keith Macksoud • Mark McCoin • Deborah Perry • Charles Turner • Curt Wilson

Dave Kerman has played on Cuneiform recordings by Blast, Motor Totemist Guild, Present, Thinking Plague, and U Totem.

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Abandonship is the 5uu’s sixth release. It features compositions, lyrics (printed in the CD booklet), and multi-instrumentation by Kerman, vocals by Deborah Perry (Thinking Plague) & sound sculpting by Udi Koomran. It is a emotionally intense, densely-layered, and compositionally complex work, inspired by such dark R.I.O. bands as Univers Zero and Present, and a logical progression of the 5uu’s multi-faceted, prismatic sound.

"The results are mesmerizing...Kerman is still the unsung shaman of unbridled convolution..perched on a precipice high enough to make most indie rockers appear ant-sized."- Alternative Press

"...a frighteningly coherent statement that with time should eventually stand as one of Rock In Opposition's finest momements" - Expose

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Regarding Purgatories, the 5th album by drummer/composer Dave’s long-lived 5uu’s project, features a completely revamped version of the band. He has enlisted what amounts to a avant/progressive supergroup to back him here, including vocalist Deborah Perry [Thinking Plague], bassist Keith Macksoud [Present] with guest keyboardists Charles Turner [5uu’s] and Sanjay Kumar [U Totem]. The music has a new edge & this release marks a new sound for the band, as well as a break from the sound of the two previous incarnations of this band, who seem to reinvent themselves every few years

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Point of Views reissues their first two lps: Bel Marduk Tiamat, about which Chris Cutler said "For a 1st album, it is a wonder", and Elements, which features the addition of The Motor Totemists Guild and is the embryonic blueprint for U Totem. It also includes their 7" single the final recording by this version of the group. It is an essential document for those interested in the development of a distinctly American version of R.I.O. inspired progressive music.

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